About Us

Αργυρώ ΚουκουλάArgyro Koukoula, the director of our office, holds a B.A. in Economics (ASOEE) and in Communication Studies (University of Athens).

Her Motto is: "The quality in services will characterize the successful professional agent of the future".

Argyro is a member of "The Greek Association of Real-Estate Agents" and reckons her obligation to provide services according to the principles of the profession, against irregularities emerging out the deficiencies of the current system that is in its "infancy".

Argyro is an associate in INTERAMERICAN, and an expert regarding insurance and investment, since 1992. Her primary economic rule is: "The daily mis-management of finance is the crucial factor leading to poverty".

Argyro is active in many sports, travels often, is a fan of theater and reads the Greek and other European e-news daily, because "money is information in motion".

A client can contact Argyro by completing the contact form or by phone.

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