ΣοφίταThe ownership of a private home is of outmost importance for all Greeks, since the 19th century's struggle of Independence from the Ottoman Empire. Public interest for a secondary household has grown rapidly, later. It is not a coincidence, Greece is the second nation in house ownership in the European Union and holds one of the first positions world widely, although her GNP is not within the first twenty states.

This "miracle" of survival cannot be granted to governing policies, which were negative to relative bank loans, until recently. The booming in house property may be indicative to the idiosyncracy and the way of thinking in Greece, considering home ownership as a status of individual freedom.

Indeed, the Constitution of Human Rights, inspired by the socio-political movement of Enlightment in the 16th century?s Europe, presents private ownership as the primary value of human freedom.

One third of our existential and social ? troubles? that relate to pension, is solved by a secure investment in the real-estate market.

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